Where to begin with sim racing?
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Hello everyone,,

Probably a silly question, but how would you recommend someone start getting in to sim racing with no real racing experience?

I have a G27 wheel setup, and while I love using it, I sometimes get lost with choice. I have Dirt Rally and Assetto Corsa. Dirt Rally's career makes it pretty easy and enjoyable to just start driving, but even that is just pick what you want and race away against increasingly harder AI. I can still have plenty of fun with it though and feel like I'm making progress.

For AC, is there certain tracks/vehicles that can be recommended? Or just follow the career (which feels very loose)? I don't like to get used to assists, but should I at least use driving lines for a while to get used to different tracks https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/https://192168ll.link/?

I guess I just struggle with direction as someone who loves driving but is not a car enthusiast and therefore doesn't know where to begin learning proper.

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