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SSS championship

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Hello Darin, Shaun, Tom, Jessica and all insidesimracing fans i am here to tell you all about the upcoming SSS Championship. The SSS championship is a racing league on Codemasters upcoming title F1 2011 on the PS3, all races are 50% race distance and all cars are equal. There are two different league times available: 10:00 AM and 7:30 PM drivers can participate in both or in whichever they prefer both times have seperate points. All money from sponsers etc. go to charity, real races will start at the end of september and preseason races start soon, there are limited places at different teams at different times so hurry up and get your name signed up. You can also watch race highlights from our website and we are also looking for commentaters for the race's (E-mail for more info) i was also wondering if we could get a shout-out on This week in sim racing (TWISR) it would be a massive help thanks.

For more infomation vist: or e-mail us at [email protected]

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