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Hi All

I'm new to sim racing other than having a few dabbles on a public simulator that had seen better days. Having recently been diagnosed with epilepsy, they powers at be have asked me not to drive for the foreseeable future, so instead of getting a little down in the dumps, bought my wife a lovely new car and decided I would treat myself to a racing simulator and enjoy racing. I'm a huge gaming fan, particularly racing games but having tried force feedback (albeit a ropey version) decided to go all out and treat myself to a really nice setup,

However, realised that before handing over what seems a lot of money (well certainly for me) to get some others opinions. The cockpit, pedals, steering wheel, drive box, handbrake, shifter and relevant sundries I decided to go for a single brand Fanatec. Have read plenty online and these guys products seem very high quality and of good quality. Below I have laid out every piece that is currently in my shopping cart.


Podium Wheel Base DD1 €1,199.95 

ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 €369.95 *

ClubSport Pedals V3 €359.95 *

ClubSport Pedals V3 Damper Kit €79.95 *

ClubSport Pedals V3 Brake Performance Kit €29.95 *

Shifter 1 - ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 €259.95 *

ClubSport Shifter Table Clamp €39.95 *

ClubSport Shifter Carbon Knobs Kit €79.95 *

Shifter 2 - Podium Advanced Paddle Module €179.95 *

Handbrake - ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 €129.95 *

ClubSport Handbrake Clamp Adapter €16.95 *

RennSport Cockpit V2 €999.00 *

Speaker Mount for RennSport Cockpit €34.95 *

RennSport Cockpit shifter holder €49.95 *

Sparco Pro 2000 seat for RennSport Cockpit €599.95 *

RennSport Cockpit Triple Monitor Stand V2 €299.95 *

Podium Kill Switch €99.95 *

Podium Mounting Brackets €249.95 *

TOTAL COST SET UP - £4980.25


Case - Corsair 110Q CC-9011184-WW mid-tower ATX
CPU - Intel Core i9-9900KF 3.6GHz Socket 1151 Processor - Tray
Motherboard - Asus PRIME Z390-P Motherboard
Memory - (32GB) 2x16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz CM4X16GC3000C16K4D
Graphics Card - ROG-STRIX-RTX2080S-O8G-GAMING
M.2 - Seagate 1TB FireCuda 510 M.2 NVMe SSD
M.2 - none
SSD - none
HDD1 - none
HDD2 - none
DVD/Blu-Ray - none
PSU - PSU Corsair TX750
CPU Cooler - Corsair Hydro H100i RGB Platinum
Network Card - none
WiFi - none
OS - Windows 10 Pro OS

Total Cost £1870.00


BenQ EX3203R 31.5" Curved 144hz QHD LED Monitor x 3 @ £355.00

Total Cost £1065.00

This added up is a significant sum of money to me and my family. However, I'm passionate about things when I do them and want things to be right from the outset and get what I pay for. 


Would love someone to offer feedback if I am buying the wrong thing or getting overcharged by people telling me things I require when I don't. 

Will utilise as much software as possible, from AssetaCorsa, iRacing and many others. I am absolutely passionate about Motorsport and partook for some while in a variety of racing series but due to the epilepsy this is all gone, but doesn't mean I want to forget it all and racing sims are a new life line to me. 


Please any help would be really appreciated. 









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I would omit the V3 damper kit if you are getting the brake performance kit, and the shifter and handbrake table clamps. Looks like you are getting the shifter mount for your rig and you can mount the handbrake right to the shifter. Do a online search and you can see how to do it. i have the V3 inverted pedals and took the damper off after the performance kit install.

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Maybe also look at getting an 8020 rig  they are much more  adjustable for your gear and are quite a bit cheaper.  look on E-bay for the 4Play racing rig.It comes in different styles and would be  easier to mount your gear to your liking.

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Please note the warnings on most every video game - These can, and will cause seizures. 

You are going to wait a long time if that's all in your cart at once. - See recent Fanatec hold ups. This is the wrong year to expect sim gear in a timely fashion.

I think some of this stuff you don't really need until you actually try it. - V3 damper ,carbon knobs..  (- I was taught to try my food first)

Looks as if you have the budget to go with top shelf gear from the get go, so why all Fanatec?

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Thanks All

Firstly... "You are going to wait a long time if that's all in your cart at once. - See recent Fanatec hold ups. This is the wrong year to expect sim gear in a timely fashion"

a) All of the items I have selected on the Fanatec site are showing as "In Stock" and "Available"

b) Is this often not the case and still I should expect severe delays? 

Secondly..."Looks as if you have the budget to go with top shelf gear from the get go, so why all Fanatec"?

a) My understanding was that Fanatec was "higher End" without the need to go extreme.

b) Single brand allowed easy connectivity etc.

c) They seem to be the only company that supplies a "whole" solution. Please correct and advise whom if I am wrong.

Thirdly... "would omit the V3 damper kit if you are getting the brake performance kit". "V3 damper, carbon knobs"

a) Why? Thought they did separate things?

b) What do they do? Know that seems strange to ask, but my understanding was the former gave you improved brake feedback and the latter expanded on this further so racing in different categories became further enhanced regarding diffucly and required pressures to get effective braking. 

c) Added the Carbon Knobs and V3 Damper KIt, purely as they were available and the latter, well cannot resist a bit of carbon. The former for the damper kit was again related to the above noted braking enhancement.

I'm not expecting to jump in and be able to use the top flight cars but rather work my way up to these, but in doing so the parts that I would seem to require at a latter point would buy straight away just to have and when ready add.

Please correct me where I am going wrong, some I'm buying like the carbon knobs as a bit of flash and as stated it is just not being able to resist. However, if I am wrong to be buying a singular brand, happy to learn what i can gain.

There are no venues in which you can try this stuff and in all honesty thing there is a business model in that!!!

Appreciate all of your help.







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Hi All

Have purchased today, literally a few minutes ago, everything explained and a couple of extra bits for the PC.


Will be posting photos of everything once it arrives. Every item was "In Stock" ande there is apparently about a 24hr delay through UPS to the UK. So according to their site they will process the order today and dispatch tomorrow. With deliveries not made over the weekend, would expect the whole thing to arrive Monday/Tuesday.

Antone think differently? 


As I say, will be posting regular updates on the rig and the progress been made.


Wish me luck








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Sounds great Stu!

I was just wondering why the V3's over the Heusinkveld pedals and some other options out there for shifters. A lot of it comes down to personal preference. Some people don't like the feel of the damper kit on the V3's as it limits travel further.

The Fanatec DD base should be great and Fanatec makes some great rims, so you should be very happy.  Did you compare it with the Simucube DD base?

 I have seen that some people are having/have had a hard time with Fanatec, as some can get parts to fix their problem on their own and some are having to pay to send it in for repair. From what I've seen over a handful of years Fanatec can be a hit or miss. 

That will be fantastic if they (Fanatec) are able to get it all to you so fast. There were a few articles, threads going about having trouble with certain items, listed as in stock, holding up entire orders and having the expected shipping windows pushed back (more than once even) while they wait for whatever is missing. I think they said it was something of a software mishap, I can't recall exactly. People were making individual orders to navigate around the hold up. Hopefully all of your stuff will arrive as planned.

Yes, it is too bad you can't get your hands on a lot of this stuff in stores. It would be great to be able to compare materials or even get some wheel time before making such an investment. Though the markup may be too high for a successful business model. 

If for some strange reason you haven't seen the stuff on YouTube by Barry Rowland at Sim Racing Garage, check it out. He has a wealth of knowledge, and has a great habit of taking things apart and explaining the mechanics inside of a lot of sim gear. 

Keep us in the loop. You should be happy with everything but if you decide otherwise, you can always put it on here in the buy/sell forum.

What type of racing are you mainly interested in?

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Hi All

Would like you to all know that my Fanatec equipment arrived today. 

Have to say, that I am really impressed with the supply of the equipment, from date of ordering Tuesday 28th July order for arrival on the 31st arrival, cannot say that is bad at all. 

Ordered my PC which was spec built for me by Rico at Ebuyer, whom I will say was amazing, new his stuff from start to finish. Bought the PC and 3 BenQ curved monitors, plus the usual sundries. Again, from order to delivery (tomorrow guaranteed) the process has been brilliant. Have always thought life was Karmic and with how things are going, not going to disagree now!!

Know some people have struggled with Fanatec, but that really hasn't been the case with myself.

Did compare against a few other products and as time goes buy, may look to change pedals, steering box (noting I did look at Simcube) just though for ease go with a single brand which should go together nice and easy, plus if any problems have more weight with the company. Really don't feel that will come to pass, but JIC. 


Next comes the build and first drive. Both of which I am looking forward to so badly!!! Will load photos.








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