Do I have a faulty CPX V2?
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I picked up a CPX V2 used a few weeks ago so I can use my T500RS wheel with Fanatec pedals on my PS4.

So I grabbed a set of CSP V2s the other day, which work fine using USB, but when. I connect to the CPX and check the inputs through both the Thrustmaster control panel and the Basherboards one, the brake input is constantly flickering at about 50%. When I work the throttle it partially increments the brake input. When I press the brake pedal it equally increments the clutch and throttle inputs. The clutch pedal does nothing.

I've tried updating the firmware on the CPX, no change. 

I'm using a brand new PS2 cable for the connection to the pedals, and it makes no difference if I connect the wheel, or if I power the CPX from a power adaptor or PC.

Any suggestions?

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