$1000 8020/8030 Sim Rig w/ SimLabs wheel mount/plate (Located New Mexico)
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Moving in 2 months, so selling all of my Sim Racing gear. All gear was photographed and packaged up last October 2019, so no need to worry about Covid. That being said Some equipment does not have pictures. Also prices are shipped CONUS and cannot combine shipping since they are in separate boxes. PayPal or local pickup. My New Mexico is under quarantine, so prefer in state resident if locally picked up.....  I do not want to quarantine for 14 days.

 I purchased this sim rig off a fellow sim racer on this forum. Link:

He bought it off a fellow sim racer on this forum. Link to original set up pictures:


I bought 8030 pieces and a few bits off of Sim Labs. Had Fanatec V3 inverted pedals, Fanatec V2.5 wheelbase and a single 26" monitor. This current setup is very sturdy. Comes with all the 80/20 for the original set up which had fake carbon wrapped plywood to make monitor bracket, pedal bracket, shifter bracket and seat bracket.  Also comes with 4 8030 pieces that are 36" long that make up the base, L-brackets, straight brackets, hardware, and Sim Labs wheel bracket (  https://sim-lab.eu/product/front-mount-bracket/)

Seat is in good shape without rips or stains. I have it in storage and it is a little dusty. 

I usually ship quickly, but since all the aluminum and seat is heavy I will have to reinforce the boxes before I ship the complete rig.

Email me with any question. I am located in Albuquerque, NM. This weighs about 150#.










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Location and weight

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