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Your Gran Turismo 5 Wishlist (DLC and Update)

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If you have the power to be head of Polyphony Digital and want to add new cars, tracks, etc., what would you add? Here's mine.

My Wishlist:

1. Cars

Toyota FT-86 Concept II (CONFIRMED!)


Ford Falcon V8 Supercar

Holden Commodore V8 Supercar

Holden HSV Clubsport

Subaru Impreza WRX STI RM '07 (Hatchback version)

Oreca LMP2 (especially Signatech Nissan)

Audi R15 TDI

Volkswagen Golf GTI VI (Well the R version is in the game.)

MG Metro 6R4

Citroen DS3 WRC

Hyundai Genesis Coupe (w/ RM version)

Hyundai Veloster (w/ RM version)

Hyundai Veloster WRC

Bentley Continental Super Sport

Nissan GT-R 2012 (Black Edition. CONFIRMED!)

Jaguar XKR-S

Ariel Atom 500

Bugatti Veyron SS

Chevrolet Cruze (w/ RM Version)

Ford Fiesta EU Version (w/ RM Version)

Honda HSV-010 GT (All Super GT liveries)

Audi A4 DTM 2009

Audi A5 DTM 2012

Mercedes-Benz C-Class DTM

BMW M3 DTM 2012

A new Formula Gran Turismo/FGT II

(soon to edit)

2. Tracks

Spa-Francorchamps (CONFIRMED!)


Virginia International Raceway

Infineon Raceway

Brands Hatch

EuroSpeedway Lauzitzring


Okyama International Circuit

New York (from GT4)

Grand Canyon (from GT4)

Citti di Aria (from GT4)

Costa di Amalfi (from GT4)

Twin Ring Motegi (both Road Course and Oval Course)

Apricot Hill

El Capitan

Grindelwald (from GT2)

Red Rock (from GT2)

Seoul Central (from GT4)

Special Stage Route 11 (from GT3)

Super Speedway (from GT3)

Top Gear Test Track Weather Change Version

Circuit of the Americas

(soon to edit)

3. Course Maker Themes

Mt. Aso (Dirt)

Liege (Tarmac)

(soon to edit)

4. Points to Improve

Fix the pixels when smoke comes out (in photomode)

Improve off-road driving physics

(soon to edit)

5. New A-spec & B-spec Events

Rallycross Championship

Le Mans Challenge

Red Bull X-Cup

(soon to edit)

6. Standard cars that will undergo the "Premium treatment" (Well, at least interior shots.)

Bugatti Veyron

Mazda Furai

Audi R8 LMS

Audi R8 LMS Team Playstation

Some LMP Cars

7. New Features

Custom Liveries (called "Skin Creator")

Ability to use the "race saves" feature in endurance races (CONFIRMED!)

Change the replay angles! They look ridiculous if it was a live broadcast!

Take photo travel with your A-spec and B-spec driver/s. (CONFIRMED!)

Make the no. of laps through time (up to 9 hrs.) and length (up to 1000km). It's hard with a calculator.

Point-to-point style in course maker.


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x2 on the Ford Falcon.

And I would like to see the Mk IV 2.8l 24 vr6 jetta or golf, because I have one.

As far as tracks go, Road Atlanta...

To be honest I don't know whats all missing from the game because I just purchased it a week ago.

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The major problem I have with this game is that it feels like a work in progress.. I understand that a project like GT5 must have a budget and time-frame. I also understand that people will not be employed to work on any project indefinately.

But in an ideal world I would rather a game like GT5 was released in beta form and patched/updated accordingly over time as software/ hardware and know-how improve.

Life is short eh?

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GT5 wishlist

1. A complete new physics engine

2. Proper tyre modelling

3. Better environmental effects

4. No standard/premium car crap

5. Better sounds

6. Better upgrading and tuning

7. Better variety of cars

8. Proper damage

9. Better multi-player

10. Better AI

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* Take a look how Codemasters makes online gaming and add it to GT5.

* SOUNDS, Sounds, sounds

* Make seasonal event SOMETIMES little bit different. Now you have to allways select yourself a car and tune it and the start of race is always the same. So sometimes game should just give a ready tuned car.

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well Jus1029,there IS a "Ford Falcon V8 Super car" it's just a bit of a rare bird,[unfortunately no "Holden Commodore V8 Super car] which is too bad because it would have made for some gr8 "Ford V/s Holden" races,First off just let me make it clear.."I LOVE "GT5" & [iMHO] there is not another racing title on the "PS3" that even comes close to the stellar overall Car handling & physics when using a decent wheel.

However with that said,"GT5" Certainly has some areas where it falls flat on it's face,first and foremost is the total lack of any realistic type of "Damage Modeling",and the Rather "DUMB" "AI",I suppose those would be the first 2 Issues I would work on as "Head of PD",the next move would be to Phase out/do away with the whole "Standard/Premium" Car System[i absolutely HATE it!]..perhaps create some sort of "Premium Car Dealership" where you could say.. trade in your "Standard Saleen S7" for a Beautiful "Premium" version,complete with cockpit view and rim options,and also a bit more basic customization,such as 2 tone paint jobs,maybe some Liveries and/or a Vinyl shop,just some basic stuff wherein you could create a car that does not look just like everyone else's!

One area where I feel "GT5" just SUCKS! is in the Decision of "PD" to NOT release ANY "DLC"...EVER!..WTF? why not? I KNOW I'm not the only one who thinks this is "BS"![& something "PD"/SONY may Seriously want to rethink with the "FORZA 4" Monster lurking right around the corner;)]so as "Head of "PD" I would release some really kewl "Car & Track Packs" ~say an "Exotic pack","Classic American Muscle Pack","Japanese Tuner Pack",maybe a "Super Car Pack"? and most certainly something along the lines of a "Best of "GT" Series Track Pack" with ALL the awesome tracks from "GT3/4" and maybe a "retro pack" with the best tracks from "GT1-GT2" redone with up to date Graphics and such.

But Again I want to make it clear,I LOVE "GT5" and for that matter the entire Series,and have been a fan ever since the Original "GT",and more than ANY other racer is the reason I fell in love with "SIM" racing..hell "Racing" in general,..also titles like "GT5" allow racing fans like you and I the opportunity to live out some of our greatest fantasies,lets face it man,MOST of us will NEVER have the chance to even "touch" a "Lambo" or "Ferrari" in real life,or Run Daytona Speedway in a C5 Vette,racers like "GT5" Give us the next best thing,a chance to experience these things in a virtual environment,and basically just have a BLAST!Cheers and GR8 Racing to all :D

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I just wish they would fix the engine sounds for the Mazda rotaries. For example, if you upgrade the exhaust of a RX7 Spirit R to a racing exhaust, the engine goes from sounding like a 2 rotor engine to sounding like a 3 rotor engine...

Besides that wish they would let us customize the exhaust tips of each car (even if its with a limited choice, but give us at least 5 different exhaust tips) and also give us a larger selection of wheels and let us change the wheels of standard cars too.

As far as tracks go, Interlagos (from Brazil) and Bathurst (from Australia) would be nice.

And for cars, I would like to see more old pre-1985 Mitsubishis, Mazdas and other old Japanese cars. Same goes for other European and American cars.

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"One area where I feel "GT5" just SUCKS! is in the Decision of "PD" to NOT release ANY "DLC"...EVER!..WTF? why not? I KNOW I'm not the only one who thinks this is "BS"![& something "PD"/SONY may Seriously want to rethink with the "FORZA 4" Monster lurking right around the corner;)"


Well what do you know!~looks like "PD" may have saw that "Big Bad Forza 4 Monster" eh? especially seeing as how "Forza 4" is dropping in October[11th]..and when is "PD" Releasing it's 2.0 update and "DLC"?..HEY! who would have thought...October! LMAO,what a coincidence :roll: [hehehe]

anyway,thank you "XBOX & Forza 4" all us "PS3/GT5" Fans appreciate you scaring the crap out "PD"/SONY so bad~ that they saw fit to change their minds,and FINALLY give us "GT5" Fans some F'n "DLC"!![have no Idea what exactly the whole 2.0 update is going be..but Holy Sh*t am I stoked!] as far as the "DLC"? if they release a track pack including all the awesome "GT3/"GT4" Tracks [HONG KONG!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!]I probably will Burst into flames or simply just explode :lol: cheers and gr8 racing guys.

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Downloading the update. Can't wait for DLC. I'm a long time GT fan, but here is my list:


Seattle Circuit


El Capitan




Red Bull F1 car 2010 or 2011

Porsche (I know it's not gonna happen, hence the "wish" in my wish list)

It's been a year and I still log on to race seasonal events. Not even the haters or Forza 4 seem to dampen my enjoyment of GT5.

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I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet or not, but I think having the ability to 'name' or create 'tags' for cars would be extremely helpful.

I'm sure most folks have multiple versions of the same car, which are used for different purposes.

For example, I have two of the same NASCAR; one for road courses, and one for ovals. Each car now has 3 different settings sheets, which could tehn be used for different tracks of the same type.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a Civic for drags, one for road courses, and a bone stock one for demos for folks who've never played the game.

One could go so far as to name a car for a specific track, then have 3 different setting sheets for various weather conditions, or perhaps a setting sheet for a buddy who plays on your account.

All-in-all, it would be a relatively easy way to add more granularity to HOW people use, and/ or keep their cars organized.

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First, very happy with dlc in gt5, Spa-Francorchamps is fantastic, i was there a month ago

and every detail is correct!


- Bathurst (Panorama Hill)

- Pikes Peak

- Some English hillclimbs

- Zandvoort

Cars (missing categories)

- Dragsters

- Truckracing

- Dakar/Baja


- Fiat Abarth, new and old

- Lotus Cortina


- Lightweight E-type

- Porsche 917(K)


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Well..Gotta say the first "DLC" offerings in "GT5" are purty Damn SWEET! love~LOVE "SPA" & the touring Car's are really Spot On awesome for the most part..[ though seriously "PD".. a F'n "Prius" TC?..yuk!;)] would have loved to see a "Volvo TC" or Better yet a "Spyker GTTC"...but a "Prius"?..lmao,also would have much rather had some more different paint [or better yet "Skin" options] then all the "Kart" Crap,but thats just my personal taste [no offence to 'Kart" fans]...oh ya and MORE "Ferrari"..PLEASE;)

also @ "tantetruus" ~I can not say it's gonna happen 4sure,but I have been hearing some rumours about NASCAR "Trucks" heading to "GT5"! which would be beyond stellar![huge fan of truck racing] sure as hell hope that it's gonna happen man~

again I would like to thank "Xbox 360" & "Forza 4" for getting "PD" off it's lazy ass & giving all of us "GT5" fans some well deserved "DLC"..hehe.keep it coming guys!we want more tracks! Bathurst (Panorama Hill),El Capitan,Hong Kong,Seattle,..[Nascar]~Dover,Las Vegas,RIR,Infineon,Talladega,Bristol ;)

cheers and gr8 racing~

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A better sense of speed....I've been playing dirt 3 and F1 2011 and the sense of peed is there....In Gt5 it's missing....You go 250 kp/h in a car like a zonda and it feels like 80 kp/h so it's hard to evaluate the turn in speed....I don't know why but I think the pavement seems to go by to slowly ! Any one else understads what I mean ?

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@hunti1~Actually no man,I have no problems with "GT5's" "sense of speed"~in fact since stepping up to a "32 Inch HDTV" [from a 27 inch HDTV] the sense of speed feels more pronounced for some reason.

I race a LOT of Ferrari F1 [07 & 10] & GT/F1 in "GT5" and personally think one gets a very good sense of speed in "GT5" F1 cars in particular.

and speaking of "Ferrari F1"..HEY "PD" how about some new seasonal events for us "Ferrari F1" fans out there hu! the "Ferrari F1's" are such fantastic cars,and just top notch all the way,it would be stellar to have more than just 5 tracks to race them on..ya I know you can run them on arcade mode on a lot of other tracks,but you get No $$$..and seeing as how they were a bit pricey [22 million 4both] it would be nice to make a few bucks while racing [hehe];)

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Brands hatch


Symmonds Plains



Current British/World Touring Cars (and classics)

Fiat Punto 1.2 sporting (my car!)

Abarth 500/Ferrari Abarth 500

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