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T150 Pro issue

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Hey guys, i've tried all i know and search high and low. Really hoping someone here could help.

I've attached a screen shot of my control panel page for it. 

It appears as if buttons 2 3 4 and Hat diagonal left is constantly being depressed.  

This unit is fresh out of the box, followed install instructions to a T... YES the flipping switch is set to PS3 lol. Re-installed drivers several times. Firm ware did update from version 5 too 21.

Sent another email to thrustmaster but i dont expect a response for several days and im guess will be a generic response asking for vid files of the process er something.

This is the 2nd unit I have purchased and waited for its delayed delivery due to current world issues. 

Im hoping some one here has already had this experience and can shed some light for me. 

Thanks in advance


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