Porsche 919 hybrid steering wheel
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Hi! My wheel project is now done! Every button/encoder works, every light works and the display ofcourse. It has dual clutch paddels with 6 different profiles for different clutch bitepoints in different cars/games. When entering "Setup mode" the rev lights changes mode and shows what profile is selected and the % of clutch applied to easily set up the bitepoint in different cars/games. The front knobs are five 12 position rotary switches to get the quality feel that encoders don't give. 4 of them are programmed to act like encoders and one works like a normal rotary switch, The program allows for easy changes to this, they can all act like either encoders or rotary switches to get the best from both worlds.
I will happily sell the CAD model if anyone else is interested to build one, or I might even be able to build one for you if you don't mind waiting.

$50 for CAD model, complete list of parts used and PNG for decals.

Contact me for custom build price.



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