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Hi all. I have a problem and maybe you can help me. Im sorry but I will write a little story to better picture you the problem.

I have monitor FS2434 and I have played on it when assetto came out from early access for like 1,5y with a wheel. Then I moved to new apartment and sold the wheel and went into other games on secondary wd43 sony TV all was fine.

Then I have bought 50 4k panasonic TV and couldnt stand it propably due to flicker at 120hz just couldnt game on it with either PC or PS4 (getting very sore eyes/red eyes and headaches after 15-20mins max) except for nintendo switch games (completed zelda BOTD on this TV) .

I switched for SONY XE9005 TV and could play on it on PC games but sold my PS4 cause couldnt play on it (the eyes are pretty ok but headaches came in after 1-3hour of play). I was using this TV for gaming on PC with different games for more then a a year now.

I had no problems with any game until I started sniper ghost warrior headaches occured.. this game had some tearing so I just skipped it. I moved to a house now and was missing playing simracers and thought maybe I will buy a wheel and start it. But first I downloaded Pcard pagani demo and tried it with a DS4. It was awful I started to have crying eyes and later after 40-50mins headache started. I tried later something more calm like ETS2 and here eyes ok but headache after 1hour started..

On my monitor I didnt had a problem with AC never or in any game ever.

From monitor I sit like 60-80cm. From TV I sit 250cm I play in Full HD.  Recently I have bought AC on steam sale and tried it with similar results:(

I have tried:

in PC different FOv;s from 55-95

tried with different settings like turn off camera shake, turn off post processing, I always turn off blur, tried turn off G-force effets

tried with different settings on my TV (lowered contrast, adjusted gain etc.)

tried playing AC in 120hz/fps mode on TV , settings max

tried with getting closer to screen and that maybe helped but Im not sure.. Need to check it more cause it was hard for me to get very close to 49inch becaues then my neck hurted due to not being able to cover all screen fov waas hard to find best spot.

As oposite example I will say that I have played for quite many hours Gran turismo 4 on PCSX2 and there are no problems at all, can play all day and Im fine... The other games which I have played and completed recently and all was fine are for example:  MGS V, FF X, FFXV, resident evil HD, Shenmue I , II, Hitman 1, 2, TOmb raider etc.

After 1 hour of headaches I sometimes feel it later even next day..  My eyes were tested like every year at start of 2020 and nothing changed I still have -2,5 and glasses are the same. In Project Cars it was the worse a strong pain between eyes/forehead and later headache quite stron sometimes was still on next day and that's just after 1 hour of gaming PCs..


Im thinking if its affecting mostly FOV games like FPS and simracers maybe its just FOV and distance/big screen? But there are exceptions for example I have tried CS GO on this TV couple matches and all was fine..

Im also thinking maybe 4K TVs are not for me.. I have found similar threads to this below with people getting eye strain/headaches from to bright white on this tv:

I would really apreciate if you could advice me anything propably someone had similar problems?

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