Thrustmaster T300 not recognised by PS4, not calibrating
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This is my first post here.

I have Thrustmaster T300 that is now not identified by PS4. The wheel was working ok and suddenly there was some notchy behaviour accompanied with crispy sound after which the force feedback was completely gone. The wheel would still connect to PS4 however the force feedback was completely gone. So I could connect to a game and play (if I wanted) with the wheel feedback loose without force feedback. Later in the day when I had switched the PS4 and wheel on again it just stopped working. I still get the light but there's no sound or calibration any more. PS4 doesn't recognise the wheel anymore.

I also connected wheel to PC and updated the firmware. While updating the PC runs three checks for which I get all green ticks however it doesn't calibrate although the PC seems to think it was calibrated successfully.

I've attached pictures of control panel, firmware update and motor calibration tool. Previous two work ok however motor calibration tool seem to fail with error "Pre-calibration not found" as per last picture.

I think I'm in over my head at this point, unless anyone has any ideas of what else it could be.












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