Which 8020 cockpit kit for near-term availability in the USA?
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Hey all, I’m new to this. In fact so new to this that I haven’t actually sim raced yet. That said I’m an avid trackrat and HPDE event attendee with my Shelby GT350R. I have just ordered a Fanatec ClubSport V2.5, shifter V1.5 and V3 pedals. I’ll be running sims on an Alienware R9 Aurora with a 2080 Pro.

It seems that an 8020-based cockpit is what I want given the rigidity and customization that it provides. I would love to design and build one myself, but I just don't have much free time these days. I'd prefer to place an order for a pre-cut kit with hardware and assemble it with minimal futzing and no cutting. I'd love your input.

I have a couple of musts:

  1. It has to be able to fit my 6‘4” and 225lbs frame.
  2. Rigid. It will be in a semi-permanent installation, so I don’t need something that is light and portable.
  3. In a GT car layout. F1 and Indycar aren’t my primary areas of interest.

  4. Available in the USA.

  5. Available relatively soon - I am impatient :)

I've researched:

  • Sim-Lab P1-X - Looks great, but shipping to USA is high and the lead time is long.
  • 4 Play Racing - Seems that they're located in Texas and have decent reviews, but there's very little information available about them.
  • Trak Racer TR160/TR80 - Feedback on the USA-based warehouse's packaging and shipping has been bad.
  • SuperFrame X1 - Looks to be brand-new with no reviews. Seems like a nice setup for the money, but the wood needs finishing.
  • Open Sim Racing Super Sport Revolution - Looks good, albeit expensive. These are available in 15 and 25 series. Is there a preference for one over the other in the USA? 
  • Open Sim Racing 8020 MINIMALIST - A more reasonably priced OSR unit that seems similar to the 4 Play Racing setup.

Are there any that I'm missing? Are there any above that are real standouts?

Any help is much appreciated!

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I have one from 4 Play Racing. Very sturdy and adaptable. Very good company to deal with ,fast shipping and quick answers. Kit was all complete with a few extra pieces and hardware. Bought it from them off E-Bay.

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