SOLD: Fanatec CSL Elite Base + Clubsport F1 Wheel + Pedals
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This is an awesome opportunity to get the high-quality Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base + Fanatec Clubsport F1 eSports Wheel Rim + CSL Elite Racing Pedals all in one bundle that is only 10 days old and barely used. Playstation and PC compatible.

I received these items directly from Fanatec on May 21st and other than testing in my sim racing rig, they have not been used (less than 5 hours run time).

I thought the kids might be excited to get into the hobby, but they were not sadly. 

Bundle includes all original packaging, accessories, stickers, getting started guides, button caps, cables, etc. 
These items are in perfect condition, work perfectly as they did out of the box, and are ready to use either attached to a computer desk or a sim racing rig. 
I can also show proof of purchase and date of receipt from Fanatec from my original order form. 
These will fit to any simulation racing rig or computer desk using standard screws for a rig and the included clamp for a desk. 

I am asking $600 to ship within the US or $575 for local pickup (Alpharetta, GA).

Again, these were received on May 21st 2020 directly from Fanatec. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.
I look forward to passing these awesome sim racing components onto a fellow racer.










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