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For a bit of context:

Early 2017 I bought my first wheel (g920) to play FH3 & FM6 on Xbox One, I enjoyed this wheel very much until I started to play nothing else but F1 2017. I sold the Logitech and bought a TM TX Leather edition with the F1 wheel (offcourse). Unfortunately, after 2 months it stopped working and had to send it back to the store (kept my F1 wheel). omegle discord xender

Since the TX base is known for its fluctuating reliability, and the fact that its design is about 2 years old, I got the TS-XW racer. I have been testing this thing for about 3 weeks, and also decided to return it. (Due to cheap pedals and expensive Sparco wheel which I almost never use)

Now, I have a budget of aprox. €650,-. Which will get me a ts-xw, or a entry level Fanetec setup without F1 wheel. Or, again a TX unit and save a lot of money (possibly). Another option is for me to wait what TM is going to release this year. But that might not pay off.  

What is your advice? Are there any rumours of new TM set's coming? Is Fanetec really worth the investment?

Thank you for reading, looking forward to your answers.

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