Great Deal on a Motion Platform USA (Arizona)
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Up for sale is my Next Level Racing Motion Platform v3

I Purchased this in hopes to use on a new rig but found a complete rig instead. This has been sitting in my Air Conditioned home for a year collecting dust and it's time to go.

I have never used it, plugged it in to the computer and ensured everything functioned with no seat on it.

I don't have the original box, comes with Power Cable, USB, Butt-kicker Mount.

I prefer local pickup but understand that is not a option for most, I will assist in shipping and do have a box large enough to accommodate. Shipping will be fairly expensive

but I can use my Business account for lower than retail shipping costs. I will charge actual costs, not looking to make a buck.

I would assume shipping will run 125 And up Depending on location from AZ. I'm more than happy to list on eBay where I have hundreds of transactions with 100% feedback.

The cost will go up if I list on ebay to cover their Exorbitant fees.. Current Pricing is $2999.99 I will let this go for $2250 Plus Actual Shipping.





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