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I'm kinda torn between choosing a relationship and pursuing my passion. Granted that I only race in racings sims and do not own a car yet. I do plan on saving up for a car and compete in racing competitions in my country. I'm not a person born with privilege. Though racing is not a very popular thing in my country, I still wanna do what I love. I'm a student with no job but due to this pandemic I've been earning a bit of cash by doing some summer jobs. I believe that you cannot focus on 2 things at once because people tend to focus on one but lose sight of the other. Yes, I am completely aware that not everyone has the opportunity to make it big in the scene especially without money, I still believe that pure hardwork beats anything. I fear that if I choose the relationship and lose my passion, I would live a life of regret because I did not take a chance on my passion And even if I do not make it big in this sport, atleast I can say to myself that I tried and I did the thing I love the most. vshare

What insights could you guys give me?

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Find a way to get involved in any racing events in your country and beyond. Almost all of the marshalls and other track workers at major racing events (F1, WEC, WRC) are volunteers--most buy their uniforms and pay their own way. Offer to help a racing team in the pits--you might be washing parts and toting tires around, but you will be close to the action.

When I was growing up here in the U.S., I was involved in a Pontiac car club as the newsletter editor and I was also a freelance motorsports photojournalist. My only "pay" was 25 copies of a little racing newspaper which I could have sold, but I was rewarded with an all access media pass for drag racing, road course, street circuit, and oval events from ASA to ARCA to NASCAR to NHRA and SCCA Trans Am.

You will find many more people who are passionate about sim racing and motorsports over at

Good luck & Godspeed,


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