Question: ECCI 6000 GTS wheel resell?

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Note to mods: I know I'm new here so I apologise if this isn't the right place to ask just looking for some quick advice!


Product in question:

It's the "6000 GTS" version with a upgraded Alcantera Momo wheel.

So, don't know if I can ask "financial" questions here or not but I have the opportunity to pick up this older ECCI 6000 setup for $500 locally!

Now, I'm wanting to buy it JUST for the pedals, the ECCI pedals seem pretty dope for sure and certainly "endgame" (at least for my casual self) but the question I really have is...without force feedback but otherwise top-of-the-line build quality is the resell of the wheel worth it?

Like, could I at least get $300 or so for the wheel? I don't plan on keep it due to the lack of FFB but I assume people do prefer without and this is like the best wheel you can get without it so would the $500 gamble for the amazing pedals and hope of wheel resell be worth it?

Just curious if anyone has any advice or knowledge, thanks!

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The pedals are nice. I still use them.

The resale on the wheels is very low. The 6000 series only had 270 degree rotation I think. And it is really hard to get it set up so that it feels correct in the sim.

But the hardware is built like a Tank and very high quality.

I think $500 for the full set is priced high.

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