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Hey guys, hope everyone is well!? Quick warning - this is my first post so be nice and excuse my ignorance! 

Like a lot of people in in lockdown, I've started spending a lot more time playing various sims on PS4 (AC, Project Cars 2 and F12019). I'm playing with a very basic Thrustmster T150 that I picked up pretty cheap to try (planning to upgrade soon, now I know how much I'm enjoying it!).

My question is about getting better and what game formats are best suited to improving driving skills for relative beginners. Currently, I just hop from game to game (but always come back to AC) and have no structure to my learning or progression. I'm wondering if I should be sticking to one game, one track, one car? Is playing through the career mode a good way of progressively picking up skills? Should I be hot lapping, racing AI?

I'm not looking to race online just yet, I'm not at that level, I literally just want to be learning some tracks, improving my skills and becoming faster and more consistent (yes, I know, that's everyones goal!). I am looking for some advice for ways to best structure and maximise the time I have to practice without aimlessly just flying round!

Thanks in advance, it's great to be joining the community!

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