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Began putting this setup together in mid-2018. I find I don't use it very much and am listing everything for sale as individual parts.

The GT Ultimate Cockpit, Floor Mat, Flight Pack and the Motion Platform have been SOLD.  Everything else still available including the monitor stand and the Buttkicker.  Pricing does not include shipping.  I am located in Dallas, TX.















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Some items sold.

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I'll take the PC off your hands at that price, maybe a few other things as well if they are still available.  Where are you located?  Pickup would be preferred if you are close to me, so wanted to check.

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The Thrustmaster components are already sold.  I posted this to the listing.  The cockpit, pedal base and monitor stand are still available. I won't have a sense of the cost of shipping until I go to the effort to package it.  I would estimate in the neighborhood of $100 plus or minus.

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