wheel with nextion,encoders magnetic shifters

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hi all
I have my sim racing wheel for sale,just finished (but already planning my next one with hand controls as I find it hard to race with pedals as I have spinal issues)

real carbon fibre front and backplate
bodnar usb cable
bodnar control board
nextion 3.5 enhanced screen
my own design usb hub to connect the bodnar board and pro micro.
7x CK 1 million cycle buttons with positive click action.(really nice)
2 bodnar rotary encoders with button
1x bodnar hat switch with button.
chunky heavy duty magnetic shifters with adjustable travel and click point (my own design)
5 rgb leds
programs thru simhub

currently fitted with the 6+4 ball type Accuforce style connector but can easily be fitted with other styles (if you don't feel able to I can fit for free if you send me your adaptor)

ideally UK only unless you arrange your own courier.

collection and viewing is welcome.



dimsim2 (3).JPG

dimsim2 (2).JPG

dimsim2 (1).JPG

dimsim2 (5).JPG

dimsim2 (4).JPG

dimsim2 (6).JPG

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I believed i have some skills for these things but when i see how you do this it does not compare !

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