Using a Fanatec ClubSport V2.5 base with a "standard" wheel?
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Just ordered a V2.5 base and Formula V2 wheel and wanna use a "standard" round wheel for things like drifting but want to do this on a budget as I can't afford another wheel right now. So I'm curious if I can just use the Fanatec Quick Release with a racing wheel from my Lotus (as smaller, lighter one due to the small car) - so my question is MUST I have a Universal Hub or if I don't care about having buttons on the wheel, etc (as I have a Fanatec SQ shifter and hand brake so I don't need any buttons or paddles) - is that fine? As I also have a button box, etc I don't need any buttons on the wheel, I just want something round that I can use for drifting.

Thanks, really looking forward to the new base as I'm upgrading from the Thrustmaster TX that I've had for about 5 years. I'm gonna see if I can take the electronics off my 599XX Evo wheel and just adapt the Fanatec quick release to it and use it (or as I said just use one of my Sparco wheels for my Lotus Exige).


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Unfortunately, you cannot just use the quick release and another rim unless specifically designed to do so 

From where I sit, you have two options; 

1. Buy the Fanatec Universal HUB for $349.99 USD or

2. Get the Sim Racing Machines Fanatec Emulator for less than half the cost:


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