FS: Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel+ PS4 (USA)

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Condition is factory refurbished (explanation below). I’m selling it because I bought a new setup and no longer need this one. Looking for $425 + shipping

Background: A few months ago, I had a stroke of bad luck where one of the connector pins from the wheel rim broke off inside of the wheel base. I got it RMA’d by Fanatec and paid the cost for them to repair everything and replace the parts that were broken on wheel base and the rim. Other than turning it on to make sure it worked it has not been used since receiving it back from Fanatec. So this is basically in factory refurbished.

The reason I am selling is I was too impatient to wait for Fanatec to repair it and send it back so I decided to make the switch over to a direct drive setup and I no longer need this. I never had any issues with it aside from the broken pin. It will include original box and OEM accessories - cables, the alternate button caps (but missing a few) and the table clamp (not pictured).





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