Selling (SRM ) Modded Fanatec V2 and modded F1 esport

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Selling my f1 esport , modded with SRM shifters and diy USB kit. Works flawlessly. Cosmetically as new. Mechanically all is functional and ok . I ask 450 usd plus shipping and PayPal fees. 


I am considering selling as a fanatec V2, modded with podium shifter and SRM diy kit. I ask 550 usd plus shipping and PayPal fees. 

External cosmetic is perfect, working flawlessly, I however damaged some plastic internals (nothing major) but I had to mention. The damage is not structural. I play with a osw Kalo morgen with no problem.

I sell because of too many rims and I need the money for other projects.

Send me a pm if interested

pics added via link: V2 modded SRM

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