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I have for a sale a freshly built wheel with 3.5 nextion enhanced screen and knitter switches plus 2 leo bodnar encoders with push button.

using a bodnar usb board for the switch controls and pro micro for the nextion and rgb leds,simhub takes care of the software side which you can download for free.

I have used 2 carbon plates to sandwich the wheel and for the button plate and nextion screen and 3d printed the sides and nextion screen cover (there are some imperfections in the 3d print side as im still learning that side of it but its just cosmetic)

its currently fitted with 6+4 ball type Accuforce style QR but you can fit any type that accepts the standard 70mm bolt pattern,

£540 including postage to the uk without the QR,if you want the QR then add £35.
I can fit your own QR if you have one and don't feel confident in doing so if you wish to post it to me,

payment via paypal gift or you can add the fees.

collection and viewing is welcome from wakefield uk


wheel (1).JPG

wheel (2).JPG

wheel (3).JPG

wheel (4).JPG

wheel (5).JPG

wheel (6).JPG

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good job! do you also do yourself as well the enclosure 3 d box and the handles and the cf plates?

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