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I am currently putting together a couple of extra wheels for my accuforce pro v1, and I will be looking to add a couple more quick releases with slip ring pcbs in them, 

My current plan is to order a cheap $20 quick release off eBay (looks correct) and if it works order a second, then get two slip ring pcb's from Sim Racing Machines, but before I did I thought I would hop on here and see if anyone has a v1 but has switched to a different qr system, and or has ditched the slip ring and could spare the slip ring pcb out of the wheel side quick release,


I have a spare slip ring on the shelve and plan on using my cable-less setup well into the future...


if anyone is curious my wheel line up is the stock wheel with magnetic shifters, the two wheels I am adding are two that I am building myself (and nearing completion on) 

A converted thrustmaster sparco p310 (I just finished the electronics on it today, will be doing the first racing with it tomorrow) 

and a 2018 Alfa Romeo/Saber f1 wheel custom build, this one I will not be able to finish until I go back to school (in a couple of weeks) as I need the laser cutter to do a bit more prototyping but it'll be done in the next month or so I hope, have almost all the electronics on it put together, working on a carbon fiber/acrylic/3d printed frame strong enough to take the direct drive force and house all the electronics...



feel free to respond if you have anything and or have tried any cheaper qr's


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