[FS] Logitech G25/7/9 Pedals

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These were my spare for my T300 for awhile now but have no decided to part with them since I still have my Clubsports.

There's a very small piece of the plastic housing cut off on the bottom-middle of it and I received it like that from somebody who had it installed on a middle-post wheel stand. He told me that he had to cut it due to some fitting issues on his wheel stand. Shouldn't be a bothersome since it's just the housing. Most importantly, I have replaced the potentiometers with brand new ones as they suffered from the notorious pedal spiking issues as well as fixing the wiring. I have the Ricmotech adapter that allows you to connect these pedals into any TM wheel base. I highly recommend these pedals due to the large amount of aftermarket support rather than Thrustmaster pedals.

I'll include the Ricmotech adapter to connect directly into your Thrustmaster base!

Looking to get $60 + Shipping or just $60 if picked up locally.


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