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Selling Fanatec V2.5. Perfect condition, works fine but just bought a Fanatec DD. ONLY THE WHEEL BASE IS FOR SALE. Comes with box and cables. The power cable was extended on the DC side using an XT60 connector. This allowed me to add another foot so I was able to run it through the RSeat RS1 tubes to hide the wires. It does not affect functionality at all. IMG_20191225_202654.thumb.jpg.2feba22c3fad4c69167c9501ae82f581.jpgIMG_20191225_202659_MP.thumb.jpg.f9a0218f8dfe9662becb1c41fbcb6360.jpgIMG_20191225_202704.thumb.jpg.8dd009a79770fcf2a244829a36037db5.jpgIMG_20191225_202712.thumb.jpg.20541521785820c48c99fd32255a8bbc.jpg




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