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So I just got a full Fanatec Clubsport setup.. CSW 2.5 Base, Clubsport pedals V3, BMW GT2 rim, handbrake & shifter.

Could someone point me in the right direction of settings for the base that feel's good for a starting point? I mainly play Assetto Corsa and the settings fanatec recommend on their forum doesn't feel right. I'ts hard to feel what the car is actually doing. I've used the Wheel Check/LUT generator for it aswell for AC and I also got FFB clip set on dynamic 200.

My braking also feels non existent, I've played around with the brake force setting on the base but just doesn't seem right whatsoever. Mobdro
Would really appreciate it if someone could share the settings they use for the base and in game. Thanks for your time in advance!

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