Sparco HyperGrip Simracing / Gaming Gloves - Brand New in Packaging (CANADA)
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2 sizes available, small (09) and medium (10).

These are brand new, never used, in original packaging. I only tried them on 1 time for probably less than 30 seconds. They're both just a touch too short for my fingertips. Normally I would just deal with it because it's honestly barely noticeable and totally useable (plus the material has a bit of flexibility & stretch built in) but I've always been really picky with gloves.

Both the index finger and thumb work perfectly on cellphones. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and the glove's material for the index finger and thumb work perfectly on the touch screen.

If you want to use your bare fingers let's say to help you type on the keyboard better or whatever it is you may want to do then you can quickly and easily slip the glove's material back to expose your bare index and thumb finger tips.

These also are padded in the right areas for support, strength, and grip but also thin (for a racing glove) in the right areas to assist with steering wheel and force feedback feel.

The gloves also have holes to vent out heat and keep your hands / fingers cooler and dryer.

They look fantastic in my opinion as they look cool and racey while still looking professional and not childish.

These come with the original bag/case and even come with the original purchase tag still attached and even the thin slip of paper packed in between the two gloves. I'm not kidding when I say these are literally brand new other than me wearing them once for 30 seconds or so.


$65 CAD OBO + 50% of Cdn shipping (I'll pay half).

Pickup available (PM me) otherwise ships from Canada. I can ship to any country but shipping may be expensive if outside Canada (but I can check for you).


P.S. I saw a simracing review saying that the thumb and index finger's material don't work on cellphones despite them being advertised to. I don't know how the reviewer came to that conclusion because these work great when I tested them on a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone and Apple tablet (I'm not sure which model). I tried quick swipes across the screen, slow & smooth movements, fast taps - all work great, every time!

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