Fanatec ClubSport Flat 1 WheelRim (CANADA)
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Used less than 5 times because I have 4 other rims. I have too many wheelrims.

Costs $283.57 from Simulation1 (after shipping, tax, etc.) and around the same, possibly a bit less, from Fanatec's website depending on shipping charges, duties & fees, UPS' rip-off cross-border fees, etc.

Comes with all original items you'd get if purchased brand-new:
- Fanatec ClubSport Flat1 Wheelrim
- 3x Black Countersunk Flat-Head screws / bolts 
- Fanatec Flat1 box
- Fanatec wheelrim cover/protector packaging


$150 CAD OBO + 50% of Cdn shipping (I'll pay half).

Pickup available (PM me) otherwise ships from Canada. I can ship to any country but shipping may be expensive if outside Canada (but I can check for you).

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