2DOF w/ traction loss complete rig
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FS: 2DOF w/ Traction Loss Custom Built Complete Rig
Location: Central WI(US) about a 3 hour drive from Chicago or Minneapolis. 
I've been on the fence on weather I really want to sell. Golf is my number one hobby and consumes most of my free time. I use the simulator maybe once a week to run hot laps for about an hour. It's an awesome experience and I love the rig, but don't really use it enough to justify the expense. I figure if I can get a fair offer on it I'd rather invest that money in a new launch monitor for my golf simulator, something I would use much more often. 
Run down on the build: 
*Custom chassis built by a professional fabricator out of 2in thin wall aluminum(bare chassis is about 25lbs and very stiff) 
*Simxperience 3 SCN6 150mm 40kg motion kit
*Added 1 SCN5 100mm for harness tension system
*Simucube w/30nm mige
*Ricmotech button box w/ magnetic shifters
*Sparco wheel
*Ricmotech GT hydraulic pedals
*Prosim H- pattern
*Sim Racing Studio dual fan wind simulator
*Mounted on custom platform that conceals all cables
Please contact me for additional details, pics, or to come for a test drive. Serious buyers only please.


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