High End PC, 1440p Gsync, Trip Monitor Mnt, Fanatec Rim

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**I have 2 brand new Dell  S2716DGR 1440p GSYNC monitors that were used for maybe 2 weeks and they've been boxed up ever since. Normally sell for 500 at BEST BUY, I'm asking 360 each. ** I also have a Fanatec Formula ESports rim that was used for 2 weeks, been boxed up ever since, asking 200 shipped. ** Also have a used Fast Track Sims tripple monitor stand with the 4th monitor mount, in excellent condition and very rigid/sturdy and highly adjustable, usually retail for 500 I think, I'm asking 375. **** Also I'm selling my high end PC, specs are as follows: i7 8700k under water clocked at 4.9 and its delidded, Gigabyte z390 Aorus Master Mobo, Zotac Amp Extreme RTX 20180TI, has 1000W Gold PSU Corsair, 500GB Samsung Evo SSD, 256GB Adata SSd, 1TB Western Digital Black HDD, and another Western Digital HDD Blue I think it's a 500GB (cant remember atm), SeaGate External HD 500gb I think, Was running on 4 sticks of Corsair Vengeance 3200 ram for a total of 32gb but 1 of the sticks failed a couple months ago so it's running on the 3 sticks (each stick is 8gb), Deepcool Gamerstorm Captain 240Ex radiator AIO, Has 7 high end Corsair Fans with RGB and it's in a NZXT H700i case, also has the CableMods cable kit. PC was built in March/April 2019 so it's not old at all and it's very stable, run everything on max and never crashes, well maintained and dust kept out. Windows 10 pro 64bit. Asking 2300 (STEAL) the gpu alone is worth 1k. I'm located in Mobile, AL. My number is 251-377-7664 best way to reach me is to text or call probably. Since me and the wife have split, I cant stand to look at this stuff so its just sat in a corner boxed up for the last month. It would cost you about 3000 or maybe a little more to build this PC. I also have Logitech Z623 speakers and sub, and Corsair k70 keyboard, and logitech g506 Prometheus mouse and some other extras to let go if your interested.








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