Crabon Fibre LMP2 style wheel

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Hi, This is Taichi from Taich Sim Racing Wheels!
We're selling replica and custom steering wheels for simracing. 

Please have a look on my website or Instagram to find more!
Instagram: taichisimracing
Website: Taichisteering
email: [email protected]

As I'm away this September, I'm offering wheels at discounted price!! Discounted price will be applied to ALL orders from 1st - 30th September. 
This LMP2 style wheel made of real carbon fibre is now available at 765.00EUR + Shipping (approx 40-50 EUR). Button colour is fully customisable!!
Compatible to PC (OSW, thrustmaster, Accuforce, Logitech, etc..)

The first model is to be completed in late September - early October.

Place your order by 9th September to receive in early October.
Visit our website or email us for further info.

On a budget? Or you don't need clutch or hat switch? Send me an email for any requests! Let us know your budget, we'll try our best to match your needs!


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