FS: Fanatec V2.5, BMW GT2, Mclaren GT3, Static Paddles + TS-PC
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Hi folks, 

Selling my Fanatec V2.5 base, BMW GT2 rim, and Mclaren GT3 rim. All 3 are in great working order. 

The V2.5 has been used for just about 2 years, still have original receipt and box. No issues whatsoever, it is amazing. I'd like to get $430 + shipping for this bad boy

The bimmer rim has been used about the same time, alcantara still in good condition, nothing a suede brush won't fix. Added are some SRM magnetic paddles, however the right paddle is missing a magnet. $250 + shipping is what I'd like

The macca rim has been used for just about 13 months. Disclaimer; I have had to RMA it before, but after some very recent extensive tests, I'm happy to report no issues with any flex or loss of force feedback. Not sure on price, but I believe $130 + shipping is a good price for this one. 

BONUS: I also have the Fanatec Static Paddles for sale. These I'd let go for $30 + shipping. 

EDIT - For all the Fanatec stuff minus the paddles I have a buyer lined up. Just posting now in case anything drops through


Last up for grabs is a Thrustmaster TS-PC. I bought this just about 2 months ago, when my mcrim was in repair and I needed a solid reliable wheel for important upcoming races. Use on this wheel is very minimal, the rim has no signs of wear from what I can see. I'd like $430 + shipping for this one. *This includes the TS-PC Formula rim* **(note - not the Ferrari F1 rim)** 

Pictures - https://imgur.com/a/IXsWYG2

Thanks all and have a great day!


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