Need help with triple monitor setup (SOLVED)

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Hey guys. I'm trying to finally get 144hz on all three of my Asus VG248QE monitors paired with my PNY GTX1060 6GB XLR8 card. I tried different cable combinations and it won't allow the last monitor to stay at 144hz. I tried 3x DP,   2x DP 1X DVI+,   2x DP 1X DPtoDVI,  1x DP 1x DVI 1x DPtoDVI.. you get the gist.  All drivers up to date.


Any advice to get that third running 144hz would be great. Thanks.






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7 hours ago, dpeagle said:

are all 3 monitors exactly the same model? it looks like it is showing monitor 3 differently.

The monitors are all the same Asus model. In the Nvidia screenshot it is most likely since I had it connected DP (gpu end) to DVI (monitor end) at that time. I forgot to mention that DP to DP on that third monitor gives no signal.... I might have to borrow my friends monitor to see if it will work and if it does I will need to get another monitor. I can always use this one for my other residence. 

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