[FS] USA 49 inch Acer monitor + Fanatec Clubsports base V2.5 Universal hub Forza GT steering wheel

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========SOLD OUT=========
Obutto R3V + acrylic tables + Corbeau TRS seat + Corbeau universal mount (shifter part has been modified to fit fanatec clubsports shifter vertical mount)
Buttkicker Gamer 2
Fanatec Clubsports Pedal V3
Fanatec Clubsports Shifter V1.5
Fanatec Clubsports Handbrake V1.5
Fanatec Clubsports Base V2.5
$450 will ship U.S. ONLY
Fanatec Clubsports Steering Wheel Universal Hub +
Fanatec Clubsports Wheel Rim GT Forza MotorSport
$325 will ship U.S. ONLY
Acer 49 inch monitor EL491CR $600 -> pick up only(92103)
Updated, let me know if you are interested








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