WTB Fanatec CSL Elite PS4/PC US NC

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Looking to buy PS4 compatible CSL Elite set. If you have it and are looking to sell I'm interested if the price is fair. I'm currently looking at whats for sale but if the price is not right I will wait for black Friday and buy new if Fanatec knocks a $100 dollars off the Esports set again this year. What I'm willing to pay is dependent on condition the set is in and what mods if any are offered. I will not however spend over the new base price set on anything used. Feel free to shoot me an offer of what you got and what you want for it. In general my stance has, is, and probably always will be that if someone expects me to pay 80% of new value I will just save my money and buy new. I'm not trying to lowball anyone thats just my belief.

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