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*** SOLD *** FS: ACT Labs Force RS FFB Racing Wheel + Pedals

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I have for sale an ACT Labs Force RS Racing Wheel which works, but is not playable without a minor repair (belt change, most likely), and a fully-working set of racing pedals. Both the wheel and pedals use USB, and the pedals plug into an (included) ACT Labs USB adapter.



The wheel has shift paddles, lots of buttons, and STRONG force feedback:

The drivers are available on ACT Labs website:


I have included a spare replacement belt for the wheel (there is a 2nd belt that may or may not be required which is around $6, but I don't have it), but haven't had the time or inclination to attempt the repair since I received a newer wheel as a replacement. Here is a good step-by-step for taking apart the wheel:

The pedals work great and have light use on them since I added them in 2006, and rarely used the unit between 2006 and now. They can be used independent of the wheel via USB.


ACT Labs sells a bunch of replacement parts for the wheel and pedals as well: ... ing-Wheels ... ing-Pedals

Asking $50 + shipping, OBO






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