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Gone - Picked up on 8/12.

Great piece for somebody building their own DIY rig. Selling because I replaced the wheel deck on my PROSIMU motion rig to use the SimLab Podium Mount in order to increase leg room. I found the cross-member piece that’s for sale to be a little lower than I’d like and it hit my knees after dialing in my preferred seating position. This was due to my preference for a very upright seated position, long legs, and preference for the seat to be raised up quite a bit off the ground. 

Overall, this piece was very stiff, which I was concerned it wouldn’t be since it only connects down on the one side.  No flex even with my Fanatec DD1. I love how elegant and simple it is, plus the ease to enter and exit the rig. It’s made of steel. Close ups show the two pieces disassembled for ease in my garage. These are the only two pieces for sale that combine to make the wheel deck. I’ll provide the connecting hardware if you remind me when you pick it up.  PROSIMU website has more photos showing how it can be adjusted.

No shipping. Local pickup in El Segundo, CA only  









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