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About two decades ago, I bought a steering wheel that mounted to the desk and started racing in Nascar.  I think it was actually dial-up at that point.  Life got in the way and then I actually got my competition racing license and started racing wheel to wheel on road courses.  At one point, I bought a new racing wheel to try to learn some of the tracks in Iracing before I got there.  The actual racing took up so much time, I didn't have a lot of time for sim racing. Now my 7 year old son has started racing a kart and my time for real racing is so limited, I'm thinking of sim racing again. 

My time for building a DIY rig is really nonexistent. I was really thinking of a full motion rig as I will be using this more for the entertainment idea than for trying to be a competitive sim racer.  I would also like it to be a training tool for my son.  I think him sim racing would really elevate his driving when we get to the track. 

My max budget is probably around $20-$25k.  I would love to be less than that but am looking for something is worth the money.   I was looking at a Simgear unit but was also looking at the simexperience VR 3DOF upgraded with the GS5 seat and the simvibe chassis, the stage 5 pc and the Logitech sound. 

Can anyone help me with suggestions as I have no real idea what I'm doing as this is all above my head. 




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