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Alright guys, unfortunately and very fortunately, I have been blessed with an amazing business opportunity. That said I have to sell my very recently completed simulator. I will be rebuilding in this exact formation within a few months hopefully. Let my loss be your gain. All offers considered. Would rather sell locally (central Arkansas)  but would ship with buyer paying shipping. 


Sleek and sturdy racing simulator!!!

Provides full immersion experience. 


All reasonable offers will be considered. Send me an offer and if I get enough I will sell individual pieces. 




•SimLabs black P1

•SimLabs integrated triple monitor mount

•4 - Aura 50 watt amps

•2 - Lepai 100 watt amplifiers

•Blue Yeti Mic with foam cover & extras: 1 pep filter, ad on boom mic stand 

•NRG Seat

•1 Elgato stream decks

•Frex go v3.0 pedals

•Custom 32 function button box

•Mclaren GT3 wheel (and usb conversion)

•Wheel side Q1R x3

•Base side Q1R 

•Astro mix amp & headset

•3 27” MSI optic ag32c LED gaming monitors

•30 nm Augry Direct Drive with vertical controller box. 

•Heusinkveld handbrake

•Heuskinveld sequential shifter

•32” smart tv for telemetry

•HP Omen gaming pc with upgrades

(Samsung m.2 1tb and ssd 500 gb ssd, 1080 ti)










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