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What kind of seat is good for sim racing? I'm thinking about buying a new seat to be used when using my pc and also playing games. I even have some ridiculous must-have specs for it:
- able to turn around (like a normal office chair)
- adjustable height and angle of the backrest
No need for wheels to move around and must not cost over a hundred euros (mmm. 150€ is the highest limit, and for that price, it must damnit be comfortable.

I've seen that many people have set up their own unique cockpits and staff, but I don't have space or the enthusiasm to make one. How have other LFS addicts solved this - what kind of seats you got there?

Since I'm from London, I'd like to hear from other natives' opinions and places where to get these seats that can be used with wheel and pedals and also with mouse and kb!

My back is really killing me after a couple of hours of playing LFS :)


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