(700) T300 Wheel Base + Custom Rim - T3PA Pedals - VR Headset - Ebrake/Shifter

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Selling as a full bundle (700 USD), or selling off bits individually w/ exceptions and prices listed below. (Vape/PC Not included :^) )

T3PA Pro 3-Pedal Set (130)
G25 Shifter + Adapter (Heavily used shifter - 50 including adapter, not selling separate)
T300 RS Wheelbase (215) + Custom rim (85)
Custom Ebay-Ebrake (85)
Samsung Odyssey VR Headset (w/ included controllers) (210)

I purchased the VR Headset and used it for ~100 hours
The racing wheel setup on the whole has ~250-300 hours but overall has been babied and used few and far between.

Certain items have original boxes/packaging, however due to limited storage I'm not sure which I have so I'll have to look through them but ample packaging will be supplied regardless. Nothing's warranty'able outside headset so original packaging really shouldn't make a difference.
More pictures upon request.



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