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For those who are using direct drive wheels, how do you route the usb cable from the steering wheel button box? 

I have the SRC GT1 wheel 
The only issue is the coiled usb cable, on a long counter steer situation, the cable always catch in front of the shifter paddle and get tangled up. 
It's esp. a problem for me since i'm using VR. 

I tried to mount the cable a couple different ways but can't solve this issue. 

Any tips on how to deal with this? 

is there a way to connect the button box using bluetooth?

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I'm using an OMP spacer for my steering wheel and I route the coiled cable through it. The cable enters the button box from its back and on the center. My cable is quite thinner than usual and I think that helps too. It twists around the extender when I turn my wheel and so I don't have any problems. It's connected to a usb female cable placed below the OSW motor. In case the wheel turns too much, the cable is not damaged because it unplugs from the extender when there's too much tension.

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