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Hello all, 

So Im looking to sell on my rig, initially bought to play GT sport on ps4 but have not played in months since discovering the wonders of PC sim racing and becoming obsessed with sim racing in general! It basically has now been gathering dust for the past month since Ive upgraded to DD and HE ultimates on 8020/motion platform and pretty much fully abandoned the PS4 (for racing at least :D).

All in perfect working condition and have not had any issues at all.

Fanatec CSL elite PS4 version + original CSL steering wheel

Clubsport V3 pedals - includes both dampener kit and brake performance kit (currently fitted with the hardest elastomer springs but all will be included so you can choose)

Wheel Stand + seat

Basically, all the stuff in the below pics except the Mclaren rim, buttkickers, oculus rift (can be convinced if anyone is very interested but prefer to keep) not for sale but everything else is for sale and all purchased from about late September-november last year ( I will add pics of purchase invoices with dates if requested.)

Can be purchased individually or separately and can also include the original CSL pedals (no LC) if someone is interested, although was planning on giving these to my youngest brother but willing to let them go if need be.

I'm located in the southern US so pickup can be arranged or shipping within US. Prices all flexible and negotiable, just PM with an offer and we'll go from there. 





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3 hours ago, djstretch said:

still got the rig?

Yup, where are you located? I’m outside of Nashville so would be easier to pick up but I can ship if you’ll cover it, just give me a zip so I can generate a quote. 100 bucks and it’s yours

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