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Review: Granturgismo DPS-200 paddles for DFGT

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I have been contacted by the makers of granturgismo ( after my original review and they have made extensive modifications to their previous product that it warrants a new review. For those interested in the now legacy product, follow this link: viewtopic.php?f=150&t=3571

The original granturgismo paddles are no longer manufactured and its place is DPS-100 and DPS-200. More info about both products here

This review will carry on where the previous review left off (so it is worth the short read :roll: ).

What you get:

The DPS-200 like the previous granturgismo paddles are made of Lexan (not perspex as I originally mentioned). Construction material has not changed from the previous version as the material was fine to begin with. Other items which come with both paddles are:

- One alcohol cleaner for cleaning the wheel mounting area

- Two plastic adhesive material to cover the wheel contact area

One thing I could not do in the previous review was test the ease of dismounting the paddles. Dismounting the paddles was quite easy and there is no mark left on the wheel so the double-sided 3M tape mounting mechanism will not leave any stains on the wheel. I just used my swiss-army knife and pried it open gently.

Difference of the DPS-100 and DPS-200 is the ability to adjust the distance between the wheel and the paddle shift. Those who read my previous review knew that I mention that I could not place my fingers between the paddles on the wheel. The DPS-100 retains the tight distance ala-F1 style where you rest your fingers on the paddles for quick shift. The DPS-200 has an adjustable screw which act as a spring retaining mechanism as well as the ability to adjust the distance. It is possible to adjust the DPS-200 as close to the wheel as the DPS-100 or the legacy model by placing the nut on the opposite site of the paddle if you wish and the screw offers quite a big adjustable distance and distance is based on user preference and more on the type of race configuration. I noticed that I rested my fingers on the paddles if the track has lots of gear shifts as oppose to a normal oval track. The higher you increase the distance of the paddles to the wheel, the more it bends at the hinge angle and may make reaching the paddles problematic. However, the angle will not trouble you and it is more than enough to cater to thick fingers.

The nut secures the spring hinge mechanism which is meant to recoil back the paddle shift to the centre. This simple elegant mechanism works quite well though I’d wish the spring would be slightly more rigid. Though the metal spring end protrudes pass the nut, it does not interfere with your fingers or more specifically you will not scrape your nails against it unless you purposely push the paddle shifts away from you (which does not make sense in normal push operated paddle). Even then you need to remove the wheel grip in order to make contact with the wheel. So, I find it highly unlikely (more towards impossible) the spring protrusion will ever disturb you unless you purposely want to come into contact with the spring.

The hinge and mounting unit has been totally revamped from the legacy model. The paddle arm, the mounting bit are now thicker than the legacy model and it really shows that the company has taken feedback positively.


I did not consult any installation guide as it all was second nature to me as I have used the previous product. Basically, you need to clean the wheel first with alcohol cloth, mount the paddles, configure the paddle distance to my preference, then place the plastic protective adhesive material. (The youtube link above shows the installation instruction)


As previously, I used Dirt 2 as the game has a lot of hairpins and steering correction due to the track conditions. NFS2U does not really force me to do a lot of wheel lock correction. I am by nature paddle shifter bias rather than use the stick shifter (which is on the wrong side as I drive on the right side:P). The more you use the paddles, the more fluid its hinging mechanism which is quite good actually as I was afraid there was a lack of fluidity in the recoil when I first looked at the product.

I am pleased to report that flexing no longer exists as in the legacy model. I can freely press any location of the paddle and it will translate in a gear change. As this is the DPS-200 with adjustable screws, the nylon screw also enhances the “click” sound when you change gear. The click sound of changing gear is there without the paddles but flesh of your fingers will dampen the sensation slightly. I had quite a lot of fun and it really makes the legacy product now really inferior in every way.

The spring mechanism works but weak as it may not recoil the paddle back in contact after making a shift. A spring too strong will be problematic if you decide to place the adhesive material after adjusting the paddle distance. Another problem I see with a strong spring recoil is that it will artificially press the buttons ruining the game experience. I believe this is the best compromised you can get for the spring tension. However, I would prefer a slightly stronger spring just to address any poor recoil feedback. If you paddle shift like a slingshot rather like normal paddles then you will see less recoil feedback. I find adjusting the paddle distance first rather than placing the protective material the better option as it is easier to place the protective material exactly where the nylon nut meets the wheel. The adhesive material may dislocate after some time (more like few years) though it is easily remedied.


First, I have to remind that the granturgismo paddles I previously reviewed are now defunct and no longer sold. The spiritual successor is the DPS-100. What I am reviewing here is the DPS-200 (beta product-when I reviewed it). Second, it is actually quite hard to find faults with these paddles. If I was really picky, I’d blame the weak spring recoil function and the adhesive protective material does not look it will stay forever. Previously, I could not recommend the granturgismo paddle shift for the Logitech DFGT but thankfully now I actually can. If you were itching for paddle shifters for your DFGT, this is your best bet without custom making it yourself. In fact unless you have a CNC machine, you’d be hard please to find anything better. Bottom line is this, DFGT has superior amount of wheel buttons compared to G25/G27 but lacks the paddle shifts. This paddle shift is a must buy for those who use rely solely on paddle shifts of the DFGT as it will improve your driving dramatically. :D


- Does not void warranty

- Feels even better than original paddle shift

- No more flexion of original legacy paddles

- Works great with improves ergonomics. Feels quite natural to use even with a big paddle-wheel angle

- Ability to change the distance between paddles and wheel

- “Click” sensation when changing gears


- Spring hinge mechanism functions well but slightly weak



Figure 1: DPS-200 top view of contact surface

Figure 3: DPS-200 (alternate sides top view)

Figure 4: DPS-200 (far left and right) with legacy granturgismo paddles (centre) top view

Figure 5: DPS-200 (far left and right) with legacy granturgismo paddles (centre) side view

Figure 6: DPS-200 outward flexion angle

Figure 7:DPS-200 Inward flexion angle

Figure 8: Included plastic adhesive material for protection against abrasion

Figure 9: Left paddle shift

Figure 10: Mounting of abrasive material

Figure 11: Left paddle shift mounted to my preference

Figure 12: Right paddle shift mounted to my preference

Figure 13: Top view of both paddle shifts

Figure 14: Frontal view of DPS-200 (quite similar with legacy model)

Feel free to ask any questions.

Edit (31/7/2011): Paddle shift now comes with rear nut to control paddles flexing after gear shift. (I can safely say my units are now ver2.0 with the ones sold now version 2.1 :lol: )

More info on newer models/colours here: ... 3854672363

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This Reply is in regards to the review of the DPS-200. I recently purchased the Paddles and I've been playing Gran Turismo 5 with them. I must say I have to agree with reviewer mystvearn. These Paddles are wonderful. They make it a heck of a lot easier to shift, especially when you need to shift in a tight corner. However, I’m inclined to agree with the spring hinge mechanism function is slightly weak.

I’m planning to e-mail the creator and to address this issue and see what he thinks. As a whole, I love the product and I want to support him in any way I can.

If anyone else would like to give him some constructive criticism you can contact him by e-mail at:

[email protected]

Thank you and See you at the Track.

Don “Carlton” Simpson

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Additional notes: After some time of playing I notice the spring hinge wants to keep detaching from the nut. So what I did was crossed the spring opposite direction, so now it will stay in position.


Edit: (31/7/2011): If the spring is too strong after this modification, fully extending the paddles back when not in use cures the problem.

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