Sim rig set up with butt kicker gamer 2 or similar - help needed

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Hey all,

New here and have been scouring around but I’m struggling to get a clear answer. 

I have a current set up which is a NLR F1GT seat, Thrustmaster T300RS wheel (with F1 attachment), T3PA pedals, TH8A shifter, brake loadcell mod, hooked up to a 42” Sony Bravia, an old LG HB405SU home cinema system and a PS4.

I am currently looking at options for getting a Buttkicker Gamer 2 or something similar, but I’m not sure how I would set it up appropriately with the above to still be able to use the home cinema system (I have it placed around the rig for maximum authenticity).

I’m also not sure what my options are, can I have more than 1 Buttkicker, can I hook it up to the home cinema system?

i am slowly going to move to PC and Triple monitor etc but for now the set up above is what I have so want to maximise the immersive gaming whilst finding things I can use when I do move to PC!

I am also interested in how I could go about using a button box or similar (or additional screens for telemetry etc) with the PS4 if possible.

Appreciate any advice people can give. 


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