Sim-Plicity SW12C 12NM Direct drive wheel, Fanatec formula black rim w/ SRM conversion for DD wheels
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Selling the rest of my rig. Need cash and lost interest in the hobby. The SW12C has an issue where it wont calibrate on its own on startup, you have to turn the wheel about a 1/4 turn for it to calibrate and everything is fine after that. It started happening about 2 weeks ago and it never bothered me enough to look into as I thought it was just a software issue. I downloaded the firmware and drivers onto a different computer and it still happens. I emailed ollie from sim-plicity and he told me to try a few things and nothing worked. Im just going to take the loss and sell it for $550 as is. Ollie will transfer the 2 year warranty to the new owner when the sale has concluded, and you can try to solve the issue with him. It was purchased 3/5/19 for $830 USD plus $75 shipping. The wheel works perfectly fine other than that and is the last wheel you will ever need. I can provide proof that the warranty will be transferred and what not upon request. I also have a fanatec formula black rim with the SRM conversion for OSW DD wheels. it is in great shape and will also come with the factory quick release so you can revert it back if you need to. Asking $200 for the rim. Will only take paypal and buyer pays shipping.











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