Simvibe conflicts?
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Hi folks, my first post so hopefully I'm in the right place.

I am having trouble with my setup and I think it is caused by simvibe because I had no issues before. I will try to include as much information as I can so hopefully someone can see my issue.

I only use vr and have a HTC Vive.

PC is a i7, with a 1080ti

Next level motion sim v3

Fanatec csw v2 with v2 pedals, Porsche 918 rim

Buttkicker gamer 2

All was fine for my racing and had no issues, I will also add I only just purchased the fanatec set up so that is new to the mix but since I purchased simvibe all went down hill.

I use my onboard soundcard for simvibe as my game sound uses hdmi audio.

When I launch a game I first fire up steam and vr, I then launch commander 4 software and minimise it, then I launch the game from the next level racing software then go back to the commander software and double click on the game icon where it joins the already running game.

Then everything goes wrong. Project cars2 wont launch most of the time, if it does it says it has vr support and I am launching in normal mode.

I lose my mouse as it hard sits in the top left corner of my monitor so have to reboot.

If I reboot I have to turn my wheel off or the PC will not boot.

I have managed to get lfs going but get nothing from my buttkicker (I did once but cant repeat it)

It's probably that I'm asking to do too many things all at the same time but figure most of you have similar setups without issue.

My onboard sound card is not great, I can only select stereo in windows properties but the buttkicker fires in test and has worked in game.

Before I bought simvibe I used to mirror audio to my buttkicker sound card and it all worked ok although not great so I feel the only thing I have added new is the simvibe which must be causing my issues?

Any pointers would be a real help.

Thanks in advance.


Ok, after further testing and thinking straight my problems are almost solved.

I now fully launch into the game and when running and stable I then alt tab and fire up simvibe and problems over.

Not got buttkicker working again in lfs but must be a setting somewhere.

Fixed it yesterday by selecting hdmi HTC audio for the sound which freed up my sound card for my buttkicker but as yet not doing it today.

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