new version thrustmaster TH8A short shifter
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for sale short shifter mod (or make one yourselves)
made up of a 10mm stainless bolt drilled and tapped out to 6mm to accomodate the 6mm thrustmaster threads,
Then a length of 6mm stainless steel threaded bar and a M10 45mm diameter Ball Knob Polyamide which are brass threaded high quality same as heusinkveld but better with brass threaded insert and a lock nut.
The thing with the thrustmaster is that they use their unique 9mm thread for thier knob try to find a replacement is a joke ,so used 10mm like heusinkveld so as you have more choice when it comes to customising.
Drilling and threading etc takes a bit of time so asking £15 each delivered black uk, £20 world,aluminium knob is 40mm diameter £23 uk £28 world.stainless  which is 40mm diameter delivered is £30 uk ONLY{ NO WORLD POST TOO HEAVY}

version 2"s new below
aluminium top 405 stainless steel below
component parts above
black polyamide 
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Out of stock too heavy to post world

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my shifter mod is free for all to copy,I will as always be providing my shifter knob to you all at cost of parts and postage which I pay,

no profit is made by me I am really enjoying making these up,so doing this is a pleasure and helps people because you have to buy a fair few parts, so as to get the prices down £15 posted uk £20 world.

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so to buy legnth of stainless steel 10mm tubing

6mm course thread stainless steel bar

polyamide knob 45 mm with metal insert 10mm course

stainless steel reducer 10mm to 6mm

and see if you can purchase above for less than £15 make one yourselves.

postage cost me £3.80 uk £8.80 world

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