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I have a set of ARC Carbons I bought 5 years ago that are still going strong.  They have been hammered for years on end and just keep working and are one of the best things as far as entertainment I’ve ever purchased.  Just a fantastic set of ultra adjustable pedals and built like tanks.  I paid $1600 with shipping 5 years ago.  I was perusing EBay yesterday just messin around and I came across someone selling a set of ARC Carbons!  I mean, there are probably only a few dozen of these pedals on earth, and there is a pair on EBay.  I messaged the seller and he says the pedals are literally like new and they’ve been in his closet for the last few years.  ?

So I offer $280 bucks and he accepted.  This post has no point, just wanted to let people know that there are deals to be had out there, even if by dumb luck.  Don’t give up the hunt.  Now I have matching sets of some of the finest pedals ever made for my two sim rigs and I can ditch the G27 pedals on the other rig.

Thank you random urge to peruse EBay.  :)

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